Know Your Worth

Monday, September 10, 2018

In 2010, I promised myself I would NEVER again work for anyone else. I could no longer tolerate vicious gossip, heavy workload,  and being seriously underpaid. I took a leap of faith and hired me! Horrible struggles made me pray more and work harder.  Developed a detailed plan and worked on it every day until I got a breakthrough.  Winners roll like that!

This photo was taken during an interview for WSB-TV’s Clark Howard (Atlanta). The year was 2011.

When we value ourselves and our creative ideas, we will not settle for less.  I like to feel good about myself which helps me keep maintain a healthy perspective of myself!  Low self-esteem makes everything dark and negative.  Decreases value.   Fix that with prayer and positive thinking!


My goal is to lose 20 pounds as soon as possible.  I diet and exercise regularly.  Feed my Spirit and my mind with prayer, positive talk, and positive thoughts.

Late yesterday afternoon I mowed the lawn for 2-1/2 hours with a PUSH mower.   Saturday, I raked leaves for awhile.   I “exercise” 2 to 3 times a week to  burn fat and to clear my mind.  Creative ideas flow!  Excellent mental and physical therapy.

Yard work is better than visiting a gym in my opinion.  My muscles are already toned after months of regular exercise.  Happy about that.  It was NOT easy.  That’s life.

My other goal is to secure paid partnerships with several food brands.  I’ve received positive responses to my proposals.  Hallelujah!

Pricing is important.  I always remember my worth.  My creative ideas and skills are valuable.  It costs time and effort to purchase ingredients, prepare a recipe, photograph, video, edit, type on this site, and promote on social media.  Plus, internet access, electricity, and housing are necessary requirements.  Food blogging is serious work.  All of those details are included in my fee.

Successful self-employment requires never settling for less and always knowing you are valuable!

MAKE it a positive/productive week.