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Greetings!  I'm Bev, cookbook author (self-published) and founder of CornbreadMillionaire.com. I'm  also a self-taught photographer, recipe developer, and food blogger.

This blog contains details and helpful tips from my journey to bestselling cookbook author (self-published) and achieving 50,000+ likes on http://www.Facebook.com/CornbreadMillionaire. The deadline is soon as possible.  For those who may not know, a thriving business fan page (not personal) with lots of engagement and a large number of likes is the door to a lucrative income stream. Companies pay bloggers to use their products and show the results on social media. I'm thrilled about what I've already learned from research and the positive results from applying the lessons. I didn't know about fan pages 7 years ago when I first started working for myself. I do know now and that's what matters most.  Delighted about the progress thus far!   Stay tuned. 

You're invited to LIKE http://www.Facebook.com/CornbreadMillionaire. It's updated all day with amazing content. Thank you for visiting. Please come again!

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First Viral Facebook Recipe!!

Posted on September 14, 2017 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (3)

3-Ingredient Biscuits

Full Recipe:  www.cornbreadmillionaire.com/biscuits

Facebook Post (Viral Hit):  www.Facebook.com/CornbreadMillionaire

Photo pinned to top of page.

People love easy and crusty biscuits that are melt-in-your mouth good.  Only 3 ingredients grabbed a lot of attention.  The biscuits reached viral status on Facebook yesterday afternoon.  It was quick as I posted the photo Tuesday.    I'm thrilled to the maximum!  I've been trying 15 MONTHS to get a recipe to go viral!!  I plan to keep it pinned to the top of the Facebook page for awhile!  Be sure to check it out.

As of today, it has eached over 100,000 people and shared 700 times!  The numbers will increase hopefully.   This is THE LARGEST NUMBER of people reached and shares for my recipe.  Viral is when a post reaches at least 10 times the number of page likes OR follows.  So far, www.Facebook.com/CornbreadMillionaire has 6,585 likes and 6,700 follows.  My goal is 100,000 likes sooner than later.

You're invited to visit my page to see the photo!  Unable to post here due to a technical glitch.  Stay tuned for more exciting details from my journey to achieving a big business goal!

The Most Clicks in 7 Years!!

Posted on August 19, 2017 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Icebox Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

FULL Recipe... http://www.bit.ly/nobakecherrypie

As of today (Saturday, August 19), there have been 1,214 link clicks to the Icebox Cherry Cream Cheese Pie recipe posted on this site. It is officially my most popular recipe with THE MOST CLICKS for any page on this site... in 7 years!!!  Yes, it's more popular than any cornbread recipe!  WOW.  I've been diligently working to move forward slap dab in the face of stagnation.  As for the mockers and gossips, they're extreme motivators.  I stay prayed UP and focused on success.  PERIOD. Thankfully, my work ethic and faith match the size of my dreams! 

How did the cherry pie bust-a-move like that?  Glad you asked.   On Sunday, August 13, my favorite successful food bloggerwww.NatashasKitchen.com, shared the recipe on her Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/NatashasKitchen.  She included a link to this site and to my Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/CornbreadMillionaire.  I was super excited because it was FIRST time a successful blogger with almost 2 million page likes,  shared one of my recipes.  The kind deed attracted visitors from around the world. 

I feel inspired and encouraged. If you've ever worked through a dry/stagnant season, you'll understand my joy. More work to do.  VERY grateful for this blessed experience!!  I will share some more good news later.  Regular visitors know how I wait until everything is done before releasing details.  Stay tuned!


This is the photo shared on Natasha's page.


The post received 157 shares as of yesterday morning. 

This includes my shares in TEN favorite groups.  Good responses!

This is the U.S./Canada portion of my site's map shortly after the share.  Seeing the map full is exactly how I visualize
it to be every day!  The map of other parts of the world (not pictured) showed a significant number of visitors.  I'm encouraged!. 

Bitly (www.Bitly.com) is a link management platform and official tracking service.   Bitly, Inc. is privately held and based in New York City. Bitly shortens 600 million links per month for use in social networking, SMS, and email.  This is their "official count" of therecipe as of today. 

Fan Page: 5,000th Like

Posted on August 2, 2017 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Most celebrities and businesses have a Facebook page.  This is in addition to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.  Influential bloggers with a large following earn a nice income from sponsors who pay them to use their products and post the results on their pages.  The KEY to this type of success is an official fan page with a large following. A fan page is different from a simple personal page.  A fan page clearly displays the number of page likes, tracks video views and the number of people photos reach.  It also has specific analytical info.  Personal pages do not.

Last night, www.Facebook.com/CornbreadMillionaire  received it's 5,000th like.  A major accomplishment considering it stayed at 296 likes for a few years. When I first started, I didn't understand how to properly use social media for business nor how to grow a business fan page.  I shut it down in 2012 when it became obvious I was creating a negative image.   After relaunching in July 2016, I read all old posts.  They were dry, sad, and depressing.  Deleted 98% of them and started over!   I know there are numerous food bloggers with hundreds of thousands and millions of page likes. At one point, each had 5,000 likes!   Feeling very blessed to make it this far.

Goal: Viral Facebook Recipe

Posted on July 19, 2017 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Cheesy Cheddar Mashed Potato Cake (Grilled Variation)

Recipe:  http://www.cornbreadmillionaire.com/cheddarcheesestuffed

Editor's Note (July 21, 4:05pm):   Reached goal!!!  My recipe has 56 shares and reached 20,201 people as of today. Although not considered a viral photo, it does prove the steps I used to reach people are effective.  Thrilled to know how the process.  A viral video or photo must reach at least 10 times the number of likes/follows.  My page has 4,416 likes and 4,463 follows.  I have more work to do.  Stay tuned...

Editor's Note (July 20, 10:10am):  The pinned post on my Facebook page has reached 19,975 people.  I believe it will reach the 20,000 goal soon.  This proves the knowledge gained from research to promote a photo (or video) is effective.  So far, this is the largest number of people reached for one of my recipes.  Will keep trying until I reach viral status.  Thrilled!


Delighted to share some good news with helpful tips for bloggers interested in growing a lucrative Facebook fan page. Pinned this pic (shown below) to the top of www.Facebook.com/CornbreadMillionaire on July 13. Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Potato Cakes are seasoned mashed potatoes and melted cheddar cheese enclosed in a crispy crust. Shortly after posting in several "recipe share" groups, my site temporarily shut down. FIRST time that ever happened. It could have been a technical glitch. After seeing the spike in visitors on my site map, I believe it was a rush of enthusiastic visitors! As of this post, the photo has reached 18,823 people with 55 shares.  Also attracted 55 new page likes.  This is the largest reach for one of my recipes. I believe it's the result of posting in several "recipe share" groups. Feeling encouraged on this quest to create a viral recipe that reaches millions (I dream big).  The results thus far may seem small to some.  However, it's a gigantic leap for me.  At least I know WHAT to do.  I've been doing intensive research learning the proper process.  Applying the lessons daily  Grateful for positive results.  Greatness starts small.  Always remember that. 

1.  Posted a photo with a link to the recipe in this group.  Did not share directly from my Facebook page.

     Natasha's Kitchen VIP Friends - We Love to Eat!

Shared a link directly from my Facebook post in each of these Facebook groups. This list is not in any particular order.

2.  The Cook's Cook Community Forum

3.  Teasing Your Tastebuds

4.  The Cooking Chic's Recipe Sharing 

5.  Culinary Content Network

6.  Recipes for All to Share

7.  Food Fanatic of Atlanta

Will keep pinned photo until 20,000 people are reached.  Not replacing today as originally planned.  Yesterday afternoon, posted my positive experience in two groups that provide fantastic tips about growing a Facebook page.  Mentioned sharing in six groups.  Later, remembered the group where I posted a photo with a direct link to the recipe.  After posting the good news, received numerous requests for the list of groups used.  Also received a dramatic increase in people reached and visitors to this site.  YES!  These are the two groups in which the updated was posted...

1.  Facebook Page Massive Growth Strategies

2.  Tips for Optimizing Social Media