Carefully Choose Friends

I love photographing flowers. This is a favorite from my collection.

Carefully choose friends is a powerful life lesson I gained the hard way.  I’m very, very, very careful about who I allow in my personal space.  Enemies disguised as friends can do serious damage up close.  I know for sure fake friends are dangerous.

It is mandatory to trust our instincts, deep gut feelings about people, places, and situations.  I remember a season in life when I did not trust mine… or didn’t know I should.

In my younger years, I had a circle of friends who were extreme mockers.  They belittled everything concerning me.  Deep in my heart, I knew they were wicked and jealous.  One day, I decided enough was enough.  When I confronted them, they got angry.  I severed ties.  BEST thing I ever did.

After much prayer, my poor self-esteem healed.  I grew strong.  My circle is small on purpose.  I surround myself with people who love God, are quick to pray and always talk positive!

Negativity NOT allowed in my mind nor in my circle.  The first time anyone makes a mean spirited remark as if they’re joking, watch out.  They meant every word.  That is one way to spot a hater.  Never ignore it!

See you on my next post!