June 18, 2018

Thank you for visiting my new and improved blog/website.   Construction work is 99% done.   Currently entering  printer-friendly recipes into the database.   Tap “Recipes” page to see what’s available.

Blueberry Lemon Bundt Cake

On Thursday, May 23, 2018 (8am EST),   I “officially” moved my blog/website over to this location. After 8 long years with the previous online host, it was time to step up to a more efficient online experience.

The process began April 17, 2018. I obtained an excellent referral from successful food bloggers and purchased a domain name transfer (Cornbread Millionaire).

Due to a platform issue, the data from my previous host could not be transferred. Each recipe must be retyped. The new format features a printable option. FIRST time for that! I see it as a disguised blessing instead of extreme irritation. It’s the perfect time to make improvements.


Bev Davis,  Food Blogger/Cookbook Author