Hi! I’m Beverly Davis, recipe developer, food blogger and cookbook author (self-published). Back in the day, I worked in office administration. In 2010, unemployment (and related horrors) made me fiercely determined to succeed as an entrepreneur/food blogger. More details on the about page.


It’s been a minute since my last post.  Starting today, I’m determined to post updates more often.

Building this new, more efficient site from scratch has been very challenging.  Thankfully, I enjoy learning.  Google searches have produced answers to every question.  Hallelujah!

Food blogging is serious work.  Responsibilities include developing recipes, shooting photos/videos, editing photos/videos, intensive research, emailing potential clients, updating social media accounts, and more.   A disciplined, organized work ethic gets the job done efficiently.  Not for lazy individuals who give up easily.  My faith has been seriously tested.  I’m still here because I love my work and I refuse to quit.  Daily progress keeps me motivated.

Pictured is sparkling lemon water in one of my custom designed water glasses. I’ve created several pieces of art to make my recipes and this blog more interesting. Delighted to share this one. More to come.

See you next time.  MAKE it a positive and productive day!  I am.