About Me…

I’m a cookbook author (self-published) and food blogger.  Started cooking when I was five years old.  To this day, I love creating new recipes and adding a twist to classics for our families to enjoy.

Happy about achieving a specific goal to establish a thriving career.   The other part of my goal is to inspire multitudes to resurrect dead dreams and make them a successful reality.    I feel qualified based on personal experience.

In June 2010, I solved unemployment by hiring me.  Created a cornbread career inspired by my late grandma’s secret recipe.  Literally started from scratch.  Launched this site with help from local and national media attention.  In 2011, shortly after my successful launch, everything crashed due to a lack of operating capital.

Rather than give up, I made a firm decision to succeed.   First, I developed a series of recipes and a solid plan to move forward.   Cornbread is good, but I needed much more to break the curse of stagnation.   In the face of wicked mockery, cruel gossip,  and other mountain-sized obstacles, I began to consistently fast, pray, and study the Holy Bible.  I was determined to find spiritual solutions!  There is a spiritual solution to every problem.  Quickly, revelations began to flow.   Mountains began to move.

My spiritual life flourished.    Discovered a generational curse was the root cause of horrible setbacks.  Dark enemies disguised as friends were revealed.   Deep, but true.  By faith in God, I destroyed the curse and reversed all evil effects through fasting, strategic prayers, and a fierce work ethic.  My situation slowly improved.  The dark clouds of doom disappeared.  Progress replaced stagnation.   Creative ideas and the wisdom to make them a reality popped into my spirit.  I permanently severed ties with fake friends.

I daily visualized goals as achieved, mediated on scriptures, and disconnected from fake friends/cruel mockers.  This focused entrepreneur does not entertain toxic thoughts nor toxic people.  Positivity only allowed in my space.

My forthcoming new self-published picture cookbook contains more details about my bizarre, twisted journey from unemployment horrors to self-employed entrepreneur.  It also contains notes of wisdom  and fabulous new recipes.  One day, I believe it will become a blockbuster hit movie that will inspire multitudes.  Although I’m still working to become a real millionaire, I’m much better off than when I started in 2010.

Winners work through challenges!