Beverly Davis, Recipe Developer/Food Blogger



Editor’s Note (August 16, 2018):  Page updated for clarity.

Started cooking when I was five years old.  Still love creating new recipes and adding a flavorful twist to classics.  In 2010, a nightmarish battle with sudden unemployment and the loss of my first home made me seriously determined to realize a lifelong dream of successful self-employment.  Also decided to buy my second home debt-free!

In June 2010, I solved unemployment by hiring me.  Created a cornbread career inspired by my late grandma’s secret recipe.  Started from scratch with a wealth of faith.

Launched CornbreadMillionaire.com with help from local and national media attention.  In 2011, shortly after the successful launch, my budding food blogging career crashed due to a lack of wisdom.  This winner refused to quit.

My faith in God remained strong as I developed a plan which included consistent fasting, prayer, and Bible study.  There is a spiritual solution to every problem.  I soon discovered a generational curse as the root cause of disgusting failures.  BROKE the curse and reversed evil effects through strategic fasting and prayer!

Studying successful food bloggers provided additional wisdom to help me move forward!  I prayed and worked to develop recipes and properly promote my work.  Mountains began to move.  Creative ideas and the wisdom to make them a reality came to me.  Although I’m still working to become a real millionaire, my situation is much better than it was in 2010.   My goal of purchasing a new home will be accomplished!   Stay tuned.

My forthcoming second self-published picture cookbook contains more details about my bizarre, twisted journey from unemployment horrors to self-employed entrepreneur, notes of wisdom,  and tasty new recipes.  One day, I believe it will become a blockbuster hit movie that will inspire multitudes.


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