Why I’ll Never Publicly Reveal Earnings: It’s Dangerous

Strangers and people I know often ask me how food bloggers make a living and how much do I earn.  The inquiries come via emails, private Facebook messages, and phone calls.

I usually refer individuals to blogs written by experts.   Their priceless info  helped me!  Now, I’m sharing tips in my new blog series, Food Blogger’s Publicity Experience.  I know for sure excellent content and interesting stories attract viewers and increase income in various ways.

Filming a story for Fox national news in 2011. This photo (without lashes) is the reason I decided to wear false eyelashes!!

As for how much I earn, I NEVER, EVER go there because it is straight dangerous.  I discovered some people who ask that question are disguised stalkers!  Allow me to explain  I’ve had several highly unpleasant experiences that happened in 2010 and 2011.  It was shortly after I launched CornbreadMillionaire.com with local and national media attention.  The experience made me a wiser entrepreneur!  If you earn $10 or $100,000 keep it to yourself to avoid unnecessary stress from strangers and people you know who want some or all of it.    It is not about being selfish.  It’s about wise money management and never going broke.

My story was featured in Atlanta Journal-Constition, CNN, Fox national, Tom Joyner Morning Show, and Marketplace with Tess Vigeland and several other popular news outlets.  Some interviews are still online.  Trying to convince each one to do an updated story. Stay tuned!

The name Cornbread Millionaire was more powerful than I realized.  MILLIONAIRE is what most people heard.  They saw cash flowing.  I considered it prophetic confirmation that the cash flow was on the way!!!

Shortly after the first two televised interviews, viewers flocked to my website, got the phone number, and email address.  I heard from people around the world.  The compliments encouraged me.  The demands for large sums of cash frustrated me.

I heard from strangers and relatives I never met.  Old friends got in touch.  At first, they congratulated me on becoming a millionaire.  I was not even close!!  I was struggling to survive.  Then, they explained hardships and desperate need for cash.  CRINGE!

While battling to survive, I also dealt with two stalkers requesting large sums of “free” cash.  One was a relative I never met.   I prayed!  The Lord fixed it.  I simply stopped accepting calls.  Ignored emails.  Blocked off my Facebook page.  EFFECTIVE relief.

I’m not a selfish person.  I’m also not a human doormat.  People will manipulate and use others if allowed.  NOT here!  Painful poverty taught me some serious lessons.  One is wise money management skills and how to avoid being used.

More details about the power of media interviews on my next post.  See you soon!

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