Food Blogger’s Publicity Experience (August 2018)

August 2, 2018

This blog series is about inspiring new food bloggers with helpful lessons from my journey to increase blog traffic and grow my Facebook and Instagram pages to 100,000 likes as quickly as possible.  Tap this link to read the first Food Blogger’s Publicity Experience (July 2018).

My goal is to obtain free publicity with major news outlets.  Plus, share my delicious recipes with a “hungry” audience.  No desire to purchase ads.  My research has confirmed an interesting story (with one or two recipes) carried by various news outlets, will attract curious visitors to a food blog.  The high traffic can increase ad revenue and product sales.

On August 2, around 2:30am, I logged onto Pinterest to check on my #1 recipe Pineapple Dump Cake.  The super easy dessert has been doing great since posting in July.   I was amazed to see it has received 156.4 impressions, 684 saves, and 632 pins (not shown in photo).  Hallelujah!!  FIRST time  any of my recipes ever received triple digit impressions, saves, and pins.

Pinterest (August 2, 2018, 2:30am)

In early July, I  first posted the recipe links on Facebook, Instagram (new account), Pinterest, and Twitter.   After about 5 days, there were less than 20 impressions and just 1 pin.  I deleted the photo.  Removed a small white spot from the spoon.  Posted photo again on same social media accounts.  The Pinterest post quickly received 482 impressions.  The next day, I noticed 192 pins.  WOW!!  Within 2 hours of posting the photo on Facebook, it was seen by 5,000+ people.

The Pinterest impressions zoomed up daily!  Traffic to this website increased dramatically.  I’ve put in serious work to reach this point.  Pinning recipes daily to keep account active.  Daily sharing recipes (more than one) in super popular Facebook food groups.  Back in the day, I incorrectly assumed “friends/relatives” on my personal Facebook page would share my recipes.  NEVER happened.  I had to dig deep into research.  I pray and work every day to move forward.  It is working!!

I believe sharing the recipe in several engaging Facebook food groups and pinning various recipes (including cakes/pies) twice a day on Pinterest caused the triple digit increase!

The Content Bug by Cathrin Mannin contains detailed info for anyone interested in increasing Pinterest monthly views.  The positive comments confirm her expertise. I discovered her work via google search.  Super helpful!  Read it!

See you next time!


August 1, 2018

Delighted to experience positive results from posting 2 new recipes a week, sharing photos/links on Instagram (new account) and Facebook.  Viewers are clicking through social media accounts to this blog.  A good thing!

Earlier today, I photographed my laptop’s screen with  “record breaking” Pinterest analytics and Facebook’s confirmation of 9,000 page likes.  Hallelujah!

Today, record breaking 236.4K monthly viewers (and 251 followers) for my Pinterest account. WOW! When I learn the difference between monthly viewers and followers, I’ll share the details.
Around April 2018, I added this red banner to a photo of my Pinterest page. Posted on Twitter/Facebook. Less than 5 followed. However, I stayed focused. Deleted poor photos. Replaced with better quality. Started pinning a “little” more. Saw small improvements. When I began to pin consistently, monthly views/monthly engaged increased dramatically. Never give up!
Today, my Facebook page reached 9,000 page likes! Only 91,000 to reach my goal. I visualize daily that it is already done.

See you next time!

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