Food Blogger’s Publicity Experience (July 2018)


This new blog series is about inspiring new food bloggers with helpful lessons from my journey to increase blog traffic and grow my Facebook and Instagram pages to 100,000 likes as quickly as possible.

My goal is to obtain free publicity with major news outlets.  Plus, share my delicious recipes with a “hungry” audience.  No desire to purchase ads.  My research has confirmed an interesting story (with one or two recipes) carried by various news outlets, will attract curious visitors to a food blog.  The high traffic can increase ad revenue and product sales.

Pinch of Yum’s Food Blogger’s Money Making Experiment is the inspiration for this new blog series.

Starting in September 2011, Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom, recipe developers/food bloggers, posted all of their earnings and expenses online for anyone to see.  The public project’s purpose was to see if they could make money food blogging.  Major news outlets picked up their story.  As a result, visitors flocked to their food blog and their earnings increased dramatically. They prospered big time!  One month, the couple earned more than $95,000.  They stopped posting the reports in February 2017.

The Ostrom’s traffic and income reports also contained helpful tips for new food bloggers.  The informative posts are like Food Blogger School!  I’ve learned so much from reading them.  They’re still online.

Many food bloggers are sharing the same info.  However, it is not an option for me.   Publicly posting income could become a security issue.   My focus is how to obtain free publicity for a food blog.  It is a proven fact that free publicity increases traffic and revenue.

People will not read a blog if they don’t know about it.  Food blogs are easy to monetize with advertisements, affiliate marketing, partnerships/sponsorships, and products sales.  Research, planning, and intense work are mandatory for success.

Relying on search engines to drive traffic will not work.  I tried it.  What has helped me dramatically increase traffic is creating at least two new recipes a week (striving to do more),  delicious looking photos, filming recipe videos,  posting recipe links on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.   Youtube is next.

The other important key is free publicity.    With that in mind, I’ve decided to share what is working for me so far.   Delighted to share because it could work for new food bloggers.

Photograph of my laptop’s screen. Will keep in my media file.

On July 25, 2018, Mt. Olives featured my Potato Salad recipe on their website.  A few days before, I sent an email proposal with a photo and link to recipe using their pickles.  I received a quick response.  Soon, UPS delivered several jars of complimentary pickles!    If you use a company’s products, send an email, photo, and link to recipe published on your blog.

Potato Salad

I was beyond thrilled when I checked Pinterest analytics (see photo below).  Traffic soared to over 210,000 views the same day the recipe was posted.

See you next time!

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