Dill Pickle Ice Cubes and Iced Dill Pickle Juice

Recipe, photography, and videography by Bev Davis.


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Posted April 10, 2018

Dill pickle juice is famous for relieving indigestion, muscle cramps, and nausea.  Dill pickles are cucumbers (sliced or whole) in juice made with vinegar, water, and salt.  Popular seasonings include dill, garlic powder, and sugar.  The juice can be purchased in most grocery stores.  Check the juice aisle or ask customer service for assistance.

Dill pickle juice is a little salty to some and very salty to others.  Individuals with high blood pressure should consult a doctor before drinking it. 

TIP:  Some cubes do not have a pickle.

Perfect option for individuals who prefer dill juice only.

Silent video presentation...



1 jar (16 oz./1 pint) of dill pickles juice

1 ice tray (12 cubes)


Place one dill pickle in each cube of an ice tray.  Pour dill pickle juice from jar into each cube.  Fill completely.  Place ice tray in freezer.  Leave until frozen solid.  Time depends on freezer.  Could be from 4 hours up to overnight.

Makes 12 ice cubes.



Simply pour dill pickle juice over regular ice cubes or dill pickle ice cubes.  Enjoy!

Dill pickle juice poured over regular ice is also very refreshing.  This is the photo I posted on Facebook that received many positive comments.   This photo inspired me to make dill pickle ice cubes!  When the juice is poured over the cubes, it isn't diluted and that's a good thing!