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Photography by Bev


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Updated June 25, 2017

Lily Tree:  A Sweet Smelling Gift

Yesterday afternoon I cut the grass in a hurry.  We had a brief pause after five days of rain.  The rain was expected to return and I was determined to finish the front lawn with a push mower before the first drop.  Yard work is THE BEST mental and physical exercise for me.  Great for relieving stress and weight!   Thankfully, I finished the front lawn.  I was sweaty and looked looked rough.  Felt good though! 

I spoke to my kind neighbor.   He does amazing design work and has a gorgeous yard full of pretty flowers.  He came over with a lovely big white flower.  I asked if it was a Magnolia.  He replied:  "No, it's a Lily Tree.  Makes your house smell good."  

I gladly accepted!  I love flowers but this was my first time ever seeing this beauty.  Smells soooooo good.  The fragrance reminds me of a fine perfume.  I thanked him!!  I put it in a glass of water and shot a few pics.  As I type this, the fragrance is still lingering in the air.  A few minutes after entering the house, he knocked on the door.  He brought a hand full of green tomatoes.  YUM! 

The kindness made my day!