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Blog 2018

Welcome!  I'm Bev, cookbook author (self-published), entrepreneur, food blogger, recipe developer,  and self-taught photographer.  This blog contains scoops from my business endeavors.  Focused now on creating a viral recipe video with 1 million+ views on my Facebook page.  This will help increase page likes and attract sponsors.  You're invited to visit and LIKE my page.  Updated all day with awesome content.  See you soon!


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Saturday, January 13

Criticism is wonderful when spoken from a heart of love and received with a heart of love. It helps us see and work on areas that need improvement personally and professionally. On the flip side, mean-spirited criticism can destroy faith, self-confidence and ideas in weak "dreamers." Strong dreamers take the sweet from the bitter and grow better. They refuse to allow mean-spirited/evil critics to destroy ANYTHING concerning them!  I am proud to be a strong dreamer.  I've resisted mockery and cruel criticism along my journey.  As a result, I'm stronger and wiser!

Friday, January 12

Photographed a favorite  brooch on an elegant sweater.  Photography is my other passion.  I love it as much as cooking!

Thursday, January 11

Filmed this video clip during the snow blizzard in December.  I stood on the back deck, aimed and filmed the snow falling.  Lovely sight!

Writing recipes and editing videos today.

Creative ideas are flowing like rain.  I write them in a journal.  Later, I work on one or several.  Refreshing process.  Let's have a positive and productive day!

Wednesday, January 10

Happy New Year!  This is my first blog post in several months on this site.  I have been posting daily updates on Facebook.   For a looooong time, my previous blog which was part of this website's package, was wracked with serious technical problems beyond my control.  The best solution was to create this page and use it as a blog.  Can easily post photos and videos  without issues!   The photo is one of several I shot in December 2017 after a snow blizzard (Georgia, USA).   Everything outside was beautiful.