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My Story:  The Beginning

In June 2010, I solved unemployment by hiring me.  Created a cornbread career inspired by my grandma's secret recipe.  Literally started from scratch.  Launched this site with help from local and national media attention.  Prayed, fasted, and worked through mockery and bizarre circumstances.  Discovered a generational curse, the root cause of persistent failures.  Destroyed it through strategic prayers.  More details in my picture cookbook (revised edition).

Currently, I develop a variety of recipes and add  twists to classics.  My Twitter

and Facebook pages have almost 10,000 combined connections... and growing.  Designed a yearly calendar.  Also wrote,  photographed,  and  published the first

and revised edition of Cornbread Millionaire's Picture Cookbook with Kernels of Positivity.  It's marketed directly to public libraries with cookbook section.  I LOVE

my cornbread career and all the unique opportunities.

Bev Davis

Cookbook Author, Entrepreneur, Food Blogger

[email protected]



Updated January 23, 2017

Photography has been a favorite hobby for many years.  Lately, I've been filming recipe videos and other interests.  Filmed this one in the backyard...

Media Attention (2010-2011) 

Pics are a few highlights from media attention on local/national radio and television.   ABC News Online.  Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Business Section). 

CNN with Don Lemon.  Fox National.  Tom Joyner Radio Show.  WSB TV with Clark Howard.  WXIA Atlanta.