My Story...

I'm an entrepreneur, self-taught cook/recipe developer, and self-published cookbook author.  I enjoy creating a variety of recipes and adding my personal

spin to classics.   My goal is to establish a thriving career while inspiring multitudes 

to resurrect dead dreams.

In June 2010, I solved unemployment by hiring me.  Created a cornbread career inspired by my grandma's secret recipe.  Literally started from scratch.  Launched this site with help from local and national media attention.  In 2011, shortly after my successful launch, everything crashed due to a lack of operating capital.  Rather

than give up, I made a firm decision to succeed. In the face of wicked mockery and mountain-sized obstacles, I began to consistently fast, pray, and study the Holy Bible.  Revelations began to flow.  Discovered a generational curse was the root cause of horrible setbacks and diabolical schemes to block my progress.   Deep, but true.  Destroyed the curse and reversed all evil effects. through fasting, strategic prayers, and a fierce work ethic.  My situation slowly improved.  Progress replaced stagnation.  The dark clouds of doom disappeared.  More details in my SOLD-OUT cookbook.   Updated version coming soon.

Bev Davis

Cookbook Author, Entrepreneur, Food Blogger




Updated April 18, 2018

Media Attention (2010-2011) 

Pics are a few highlights from media attention on local/national radio and television.   ABC News Online.  Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Business Section). 

CNN with Don Lemon.  Fox National.  Tom Joyner Radio Show.  WSB TV with Clark Howard.  WXIA Atlanta.